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This page holds archived materials such as period documents, articles and images relating to railway surgery.  More items will be added periodically, so check back or sign up for the newsletter alert service below to see what’s new.  All files are in .PDF format unless otherwise noted.  PDF files can be viewed with the free Adobe Reader.  Most files are in a low-resolution format to conserve server space.  We will be happy to email you high-resolution versions; contact robert @ railwaysurgery.org.



Publication Date




June 5, 1894

The Railway Surgeon vol. 1 no. 1


-Entire issue

-This was the first issue of the official journal of the National Association of Railway Surgeons

“The Railway Hospital” by Frank H. Caldwell, MD

“Color Blindness” by D. Emmett Welsh, MD

“Remedies Found of Value in Surgical Practice” by George Chaffee, MD

“Railway Surgery as a Separate Branch of the Science and Art of Surgery” by Eugene R. Lewis, MD

“Sutures, Ligatures and their Applications” by C.M. Daniels, MD …and more


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Higher resolution available by request

  Aug. 21, 1895
  The New York Times
   Very brief mention of railway surgery under "The Medical-Legal Congress"

Sept. 22, 1896

The Railway Surgeon vol. 3 no. 9


-Entire issue

-Notice on p. 209 the announcement of a lecture by Dr. J.H. Kellogg of Battle Creek, Mich., and on the back cover, an ad for the Kellogg Sanitarium in Battle Creek .  This is the doctor who founded the Kellogg cereal company.

The Railway Employes’ Hospital Association, by Dr. George Chaffee

The Value of Examinations of Sight, Color, Sense and Hearing in Railway Employes, by C.W. Tangeman, M.D.

The Deflected Septum and its Surgical Treatment. by Jno. A. James, B.Sc., M.D.

Editorial:  The Railway Hospital

How to Prevent Anaesthetic Vomiting, by Thos. W. Musgrove, M.D.

Massage in the Treatment of Joint Fractures

The Management of Railway Hospitals

A Neat Spherical Gauze Sponge

…and more


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Higher resolution available by request

  May 4, 1897
  The Railway Surgeon vol. 3 no. 25 suppl 1
  -Entire issue
  -Special daily edition published during annual convention

  History and Constitution of National Association of Railway Surgeons
  Schedule of events for the day
  Many advertisements
  Two-color printing

High resolution version

  November 17, 1917
Railway Review

  "Car for Hospital Service, Erie R.R."  Short article announcing that the Erie Railroad has converted a parlor car into a hospital car for soldiers.  Includes a diagram.
Page 1   Page 2
  September 1945
  Railway Magazine
  "Hospitals on Wheels" and "Build a Hospital Unit Car."  Describes WWII Army hospital trains, with some pictures and description of the prototype, and plans for building a model version.
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  August 1953 Hospital and Surgical Benefit Plan  (Rock Island)
 Descriptive brochure explaining how the health plan works.  Very amusing both for its ridiculously low prices and corny, inappropriate illustrations.

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 October 1951
 SP Bulletin
 "SP people join in community service" - SP employees raised money to buy first TV for SP hospital.  "Dallas surgeon retires after 53 years with SP."  "SP's hospital for trains" - Article about SP locomotive shops in Houston.

October 1953

Santa Fe Magazine October 1953



-This was a Santa Fe employe magazine

 “Solace for Sufferers!” Reviews new Santa Fe Hospital in Topeka, KS

“Hospital to Church in Clovis Changeover” Tells how former Santa Fe Hospital in Clovis, NM was converted to a church

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Higher resolution available by request

  Circa 1950s   Illinois Central Hospital Forms
  Collection of forms used by the Illinois Central
High Resolution Version


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 The Google Books Archive

Several books and journals related to railway surgery are now available for free viewing and download on Google Books, including:

Many other short articles and brief mentions of railway surgery in medical journals - type "railway surgery" or "railway surgeon" in the search box at Google books (books.google.com)



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