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This page lists a few major sources to help get you started.  For more sources, look at the references in

A Detailed History of Railway Surgery or the articles below. 


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Modern Articles


Aldrich, Mark.  Train wrecks to typhoid fever:  the development of railroad medicine organizations, 1850 to World War I.  Bulletin of the History of  Medicine 2001;75:254-289.


Cox, Mike.  Dr. Sofie:  frontier surgeon blazed a trail for other women to follow.  Texas Medicine 1999; 95(9):41-3.


Kepner, Raymond B.  A brief history.  Industrial Medicine and Surgery 1963;32(9):349-50.


Lockwood, Vernon A.  The Florida East Coast Railway Hospital:  A study of early corporate medicine, 1906-1963.  Journal of the Florida Medical Association 1987;74(7):499-503.


Rutkow, Ira.  Railway surgery:  traumatology and managed health care in 19th-century United States.  Archives of  Surgery 1993;128(4):458-63.


Grant, H. Roger.  Railroad Rx.  Railroad History #192 Spring-Summer 2005: 8-15. (published by Railway and Locomotive Historical Society, Urbana, IL)



All titles are out of print.  Libraries may be able to obtain them through interlibrary loan,

and the titles occasionally appear at online used book sellers.


Short, Henry J.  Railroad doctors, hospitals and associations:  pioneers in comprehensive low cost medical careLakeport, Cal.:  Shearer/Graphic Arts, 1986.  A delightfully quirky reminiscence and history of railroad hospitals by a retired administrator for the Southern Pacific’s hospital system.


Stemen, Christian B.  Railway Surgery:  A Practical Work on the Special Department of Railway Surgery, for Railway Surgeons and Practitioners in the General Practice of Surgery.  St. Louis, Mo.:  J.H. Chambers & Co., 1890.  The first textbook of railway surgery.


Herrick, Clinton B.  Railway Surgery:  A Handbook on the Management of Injuries.  New York:  William Wood and Co., 1899.  Another early and well-known textbook of railway surgery.



Online Resources


The Wabash Memorial Hospital Association:  One of the early employee hospital associations, still in operation today, with lots of historical information online.



Emergency Rail Concepts makes detailed proposals for modern-day uses of railroads for medical evacuation and mobile hospital trains in a disaster situation.



Guthrie Healthcare:  History of a healthcare system which included a railroad hospital in its roots.



Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society - Selections From Meade's Manual:   More history of the Santa Fe Hospital.  Note mention of Dr. Scott and Dr. White, who would establish the Scott and White hospital.



Scott & White:  A major healthcare system which developed from the Santa Fe hospital in Temple, Texas.



The Brennan House:  Home of a railway surgeon.



Virginia Tech Imagebase:  Has some historic photographs of the Norfolk and Western Hospital.



The Metz Foundation:  History of Dr. Arthur Metz, a railway surgeon.



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